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School Council


The new academic year 2019/20 has started, therefore the children have undergone the process of electing new School Councillors.

Our School Councillors are:

1M: School Councillor - M. Uzair Hussain, Deputy - M. Mustafa Safdar

1L: School Councillor - Dawud Hussain, Deputy - Sumayyah Jaylani

1K: School Councillor - M. Ismaeel Ashraf, Deputy - Zakariya A. Raza

2M: School Councillor - Areej Siddiqui, Deputy - Afiyah Khan

2L: School Councillor - Owais Sharif, Deputy - Omar Elsaife

2K: School Councillor - HusseinYusuf, Deputy - Khatoon Fatimah

3M: School Councillor - Aroush Khan, Deputy - Ayla Hussain

3L: School Councillor - Ismaeel Khan, Deputy - Omar Aryubi

3K: School Councillor - Hashir Ali, Deputy - Bdor Abdulalem

4M: School Councillor - Ruqaiya Rehmi, Deputy - Ayaan Hussain

4L: School Councillor - Sarah Paravantavida, Deputy - Abdulmuiz Ishtiaq

4K: School Councillor - Bilal Saddiq Khan, Deputy - Daaniyah Oualkadi

5M: School Councillor - Ibraheem Sharif, Deputy - Huda Asad

5L: School Councillor - Aliza Naseeb, Deputy - Abdullah Islam

5K: School Councillor - Sumaiya Uddin, Deputy - Hamza Ahmed

6M: School Councillor - Rayhana Al Osaimi, Deputy - Muazzam Mohammed

6L: School Councillor - Omar Ahmed, Deputy - Salma Mohamed

6K: School Councillor - Tamaana Imaan, Deputy - M. Uthmaan Khurshid

In shaa Allah the children are excited to make Al-Furqan Primary a better place with their ideas and views.

Ustada Hafza

Condover hall

Ready for the final activitySensory trail

Year 6 residential Condover Hall

Year 6 are having an absolutely fabulous time at Condover Hall. The weather is perfect, the setting is inspiring and so far some of our groups have had a go at abseiling, archery, walking blindfolded on a sensory trail and orienteering.  Keep an eye on the blog as we will keep updating it with photos. 

RM Ramadhan Decoration

RM have been designing and creating decorations for their classroom entrance.

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